Verify Halal

Search for verified Halal products with ease
Verify Halal is a search engine that allows you to search for Halal certified products.

Introduction to Verify Halal

Today, the demand for accurate and verified Halal information on Halal products and services is necessary for both the consumer and the retailer.

The spread of fake Halal news and rumours on social media and websites is on the rise and is a trend that is fast becoming a global problem and highly detrimental to the Halal industry and businesses.

Verify Halal allows consumers to make informed decisions when shopping for their Halal products or while using services. Consumers can either scan or search by product, brand, company or country of their choice.

To us in Malaysia, the concept and rationale of halal goes beyond just mere adherence to islamic religious guidelines, we see it as the ultimate standard that guarantees the integrity and safety of the product or service.

Connectivity is no longer just a luxury but in this digital world, a necessity. List your products with Verify Halal today and allow your customers and clients to access information directly via the app.

Register with Verify Halal now!

  • Step 1
    Register Online

    Register with Verify Halal by completing the required details and uploading the supporting documents to the “Registration Page”.

  • Step 2
    Document Verification

    Upload Halal certificates and product images online.

  • Step 3

    You can add more SKUs by subscribing Additional SKUs.

Verify Halal Pricing

RM3000 per company USD725 per company

Refund Policy

Fees paid by members to Serunai, including the Membership Registration Fees, Additional SKU’s, Yearly Renewal, Product Update & Advertisements are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Fees paid by members to Serunai, including the Membership Registration Fees, Additional SKU’s, Yearly Renewal, Product Update & Advertisements will not be refunded upon termination or suspension of the Trading Partner’s Membership Subscription for any reason.

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