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When we thought 2021 was going to be better, it shook us with a rough start of the year.

From halal vaccine conspiracy theories to meat cartel scandals, these times call for us to pitch in and help address the problems we face now in the halal scene.

In the world where information is just a click away, common sense is not so common anymore when being the first to share unreliable news matters more than sharing the truth.

Halal hoaxes can spread like wildfire but together and it takes a group of ignorance to influence another unsuspecting netizen.

However, there is still a glimmer of hope despite the lies, fake news and chaos as truth are what is needed in this content-hungry world although it may not be what is craved for.

To help consumers verify halal products, premises and slaughterhouses, a team of technology, halal and shariah experts have developed a mobile application called Verify Halal.

To take it a step further, we would like to call upon all consumers to play your part in sharing and alerting one another pertaining halal daily essentials.

Equipped with geotagging technology, consumers can help other users by tagging halal restaurants that they visit or pass by in Verify Halal app.

Powered by Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) MYeHALAL directory, information on all halal certificate holders are updated on Verify Halal in real-time.

Brand owners, however, can play a part by updating pictures of products and barcodes to help other users get more info from the halal search engine. Not only that, consumers have their own roles to play too by tagging halal products in the app and share verified information of certified products on social media. This could also be a way to stop the spreading of rumours that can cause panic and chaos.

To learn more about how you can play your part to benefit the halal community, download Verify Halal app today to verify the halal status of products, premises and abattoirs.

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